The Stars Workshop has leading experts who will walk you through the value, differentiators, and use cases for IBM Cloud. We provide open discussion around our Cloud Solutions, where the market is trending, and how you can leverage our solutions to create exceptional solutions for your customers.

We’ll talk about Stars and the resources and support we can provide for partners just like you:

  • Get personally connected with people who will invest in your success and help you at each step of your partnership with IBM
  • Gain access to marketing resources and support to help you identify and reach more customers
  • Learn how to leverage IBM resources like the Marketplace to get in front of IBM’s enormous customer base
  • Engage with strategic resources who can help map out how to make your business more profitable
  • Meet the technical teams who can help you leverage IBM Cloud in your solutions

The Stars Workshop is always offered in conjunction with the Cloud Success Workshop.

October 2018

Upcoming 2018 Workshops

Stars & Cloud Success Workshop – date coming soon on the East Coast!

Incubator Workshops – North America dates coming soon! Check back often!

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