Uncover, drive and win more strategic and profitable cloud implementations    Grow your cloud business, skills and revenue faster    Understand how the Lines of Business are leveraging Cloud Computing today    Learn which Cloud workloads are most valuable to the Lines of Business    Engage with key IBM sellers strategic for your business and opportunities    Create pipeline with the Solutions-to-Go content and experts    Understand how to sell Cloud in specific industries    Spark, foster, and wrap up cloud conversations with business focused collateral    Develop and hone your cloud skills with training vouchers, sandboxes and other resources    Build your own cloud community of experts, sellers, solutions vendors and others

The IBM Cloud Star Partner Incubator is a pilot offered in North America only at this time. For partners in North America interested in participating, you must be nominated by your VAD, channel rep, or a Stars team member. Nominations can be sent to Jeff Ballard, IBM Cloud Services Market Development Program Manager, at jballar@us.ibm.com.

The IBM Cloud Star Partner Incubator ties Cloud Computing to strategic business initiatives, enabling partners to drive more potent and profitable cloud implementations for their clients. Incubator helps partners go beyond the traditional IT conversations to better engage with key decision makers in the lines of business, where many of the cloud purchasing decisions are made.

This unique interactive sales enablement pilot is by invite only and provides partners with access to the IBM channel and subject matter experts, as well as exclusive key sales tools and resources. Once accepted partners attend a “Capitalizing on the Cloud” regional workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, partners then gain access to an extensive pool of business focused content including, webinars, podcasts, coaching calls, training vouchers, collateral, pipeline development activities and more, all accessible live or on-demand via the Incubator Community Portal.

To be nominated for the IBM Cloud Star Partner Incubator contact your distribution representative, IBM sales representative, or the Incubator Program Manager, Jeff Ballard (jballar@us.ibm.com).