Supercharge your business with a dedicated Stars team.

Our Star Partners grow 3X faster, sell 10X more, and develop leading Cloud solutions. The IBM Cloud Star Partner initiative (Stars) provides the personalized support you need to reap the same benefits.

Learn how other partners have been so successful with Stars! The combined Stars Workshop and Cloud Success Workshop will walk you through the support available, including business, sales, technical, marketing, and networking resources.

Our workshops are free and in-person, so that you can make the personal connections you need to help you down the road. Workshops are a full day, and we provide meals and a networking dinner.

Companies wishing to reach the next level to become a Star Partner can work with our team to develop a plan for success. Our team will also provide the ongoing, dedicated support you need from Stars to achieve your goals and be more profitable leveraging IBM Cloud solutions.

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How Stars works

  1. Choose and attend a Stars & Cloud Success Workshop, which are free and face-to-face.
  2. If you’re in North America, ask your Stars team to nominate you for an Incubator Workshop, which is also free, face-to-face, and over 2 half days.
  3. Have your sales, marketing, and technical leaders attend a Stars & Cloud Success Workshop, or complete the new, online modules.
  4. Email and ask to become a Star Partner. We’ll schedule your strategy session, assign a team to support you, and activate all the Star Partner resources and benefits.

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